"Let's take your travel story to the world"

3 simple steps and you are featured!

  1. Think of that one 'memory' which is strictly an 'anecdote' from any one of your travel expeditions. We are looking for a particular episode or event that happened with you on a trip and has an emotional value to it be it funny, scary, thrilling, heartwarming or life-changing. The story would inspire readers to travel more and experience its magic.

  2. Fill up the google form. We have structured the form in a way that catalyzes your thinking process, so do not get intimidated by its length. 

  3. Upload 4-5 HQ pictures in the form itself and submit it.


#tips to write the story

  1. Read at least one or two stories so that you understand what exactly we need you to mention in your story.

  2. Your story shouldn't be a mere narration of experiences. It must have an emotional connect with you. It should convey some emotion to its readers. 

  3. To decide which incident or anecdote will be best for the feature, you must ask yourself the questions like- ' has this incident affected me?' 'was this something I had experienced for the first time?' or 'is this something unusual that not many know of?'. If the answer to any of these questions is yes then go ahead with it and write and elaborate answer to that question. 

  4. Write a story of minimum 200 words.

#tips to chose the right pictures

  1. High-quality images (min- 10MB)

  2. Image format- Jpeg/JPG

  3. Number of images- 3-5 

  4. Image ratio- 1:1/ 4:3/ 3:4/ 8:10/ 10:8 

  5. Image resolution- 72ppi(minimum)

  6. Do not send group pictures (unless featured as a group)

  7. Prefer a picture with your front profile 

  8. Avoid silhouette photos 

  9. The picture must be from a trip (any trip)